Friday, May 31, 2013

Retiring a title: "Sincerely, sad dad"

It's a done deal. Sincerely, sad dad is no more. Well, not exactly. It will still be out there in the world of the forgotten. Which brings me to a very good question. Who cleans up all that old stuff that nobody goes looking for anymore? Is there like an Internet maid service that shoves everything into boxes and puts them into storage? Anyway, I'll be proudly displaying the new cover and title for my second book within the next week. I'm waiting to receive a proof copy of the paperback from Amazon to make sure it looks perfect. Once I okay the proof, the paperback and Kindle will go live, and then I'll work on getting it onto and other sites. Not to be misunderstood, the content, the actual story, is the same. My hope is that the new cover and title will entice more readers. I'll be the first to admit that I pick up a book based on the cover, unless it is by a favorite author. How can I expect anything different from other readers?

Justice for Julia will be available very soon!

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