Tuesday, May 28, 2013

KDP is not for me

For the last 90 days, Sincerely, sad dad has been enrolled in the exclusive KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) program from Amazon. This means that only readers with a Kindle or a Kindle app can download this book. Well, they can still order a paper copy I guess, which is also an Amazon program. The KDP program allows you to promote your book for five days whenever you want. I chose five random days to offer it for free. The first weekend, I had over 200 downloads. The last single day I used, I had under 50 downloads. Sales did not improve at all during these 90 days. I gave away a lot of free books, but I'm not sure I gained any loyal readers.

Here's my thinking. The people who want free books will download everything that they find remotely interesting, knowing that they can delete it from their device after reading the first five pages if it isn't a complete masterpiece. They have nothing invested in the book so they aren't going to push themselves too hard to get through it, even if page six is a real gem. I don't like this way of thinking. I need readers to give me more of a chance. I need readers to push themselves to page seven.

Tomorrow is the last day Sincerely, sad dad is enrolled in the KDP program, and it is probably the last day to purchase a copy of Sincerely, sad dad altogether. Instead, my new and improved title, Justice for Julia, will be available in about a week. Look for a bright, beautiful cover that tells the story of a father loving his daughter and then struggling to cope with her unexpected death. Julia didn't do anything wrong, but will her father?

Changing the title and cover might be a long shot, but here goes nothing!

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