Saturday, May 25, 2013

A facelift for "Sincerely, sad dad"

I've been debating the issue for months. Do I let "Sincerely, sad dad" continue in its downward spiral to nonexistence, or do I make some drastic changes (physically) to reel in some new readers? I'm on the path to choosing the second option. With a new photo from one of my favorite photographers, a new title, and a new pitch on the back cover, the book is all but ready to order. This morning I plan to complete the process by ordering a proof copy of the paperback so that I can verify my changes are accurate. With book in hand, I'll be able to see if the font is correct and make the final decision that this is truly the way I want to go. I feel pretty confident with my choice, but there is something tugging at me questioning whether or not this will actually "fix" the problem. I only want to do this once. Since book #3 (I just thought of a title option for it this morning!) will be coming out some time this fall, I want to be sure the other books are aligned too, which means they'll be part of my subtitle, "A Kody Burkoff Mystery."

When I first started writing, I had no idea where it would go. I didn't plan to write a series. I didn't even plan to write a second book, much less a third. Now though, it just makes sense. Kody is a fun character who has the potential to meet some very interesting people. The possibilities are endless.

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