Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mothers are encouraging

Happy Mother's Day! I've had a great day with my kids and husband. Their gift choices were spot on too. I will now be able to run in some sparkly new shoes and smell wonderful afterward because I received not one, but three bottles of bubble bath. That sounds like a lot, but I do enjoy time in the tub with a good book. What mother doesn't?

Speaking of mothers, I have one of the best. She has that "Well, why not?" attitude when it comes to trying new things and exploring new possibilities. This was especially helpful when I started writing...and then publishing. As scary as it all seemed to let others read my work, she was an encouraging factor. She never once doubted my ability. She never said, "It's possible you might fail." The idea didn't even cross her mind. Her positivity, along with everyone else's in my family, keeps me going. They keep me going in writing and in life. I can only hope they feel the same about me.

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