Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Rewriting the rewrite

Book #3, as I like to call it, has been a pain in my butt for months now. I just haven't been able to get it right...until today. Well, maybe. I've rewritten the final 1/3 of the book's outline too many times to count. Things just weren't coming together. Characters weren't cooperating with each other or with the plot. Today though, I wrote for four hours and I think I came up with a solid idea for the remainder of the story. The only problem I foresee is opening the file tomorrow and thinking that what I did today is complete crap. I'm one of those kind of writers. I like to write, leave it alone for a while, and then read and rewrite. It takes a miserably long time this way, but it's the only way I feel good about my work. The stuff that goes on the page each day isn't pure magic. It's like a potion recipe that's missing an ingredient or two.

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