Monday, January 28, 2013

Book basket for auction

My kids' school is having a silent auction in a few weeks and I plan to put together copies of my books along with some other book-related items. I've been searching for a unique but inexpensive book bag and am not finding anything. If only I could sew. The bags online look so simple. My daughter has a brand-new sewing machine that she swears she'll only bring out if one of her grandmothers is here. We tried experimenting with it one day and I thought it went well. Apparently not well enough. I've been banished.

As for other basket items, I thought of a nice bookmark, a book light, and that's all I really came up with. When it comes to crafting I'm completely lost. My brain shuts down. It goes completely blank. When I tried to create a tablescape (term I picked up from Sandra Lee on the Food Network channel) to sell my books one other time, my husband organized it all. He put boxes under the tablecloth to show depth. He maneuvered items this way and that way. I stood back and watched. I'm not sure what happened in the womb. It must have already been fabulously decorated because my creativity did not extend in the crafting direction. I MUST STICK TO WORDS.

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