Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Planning for a writing class

I spent several hours today working on plans for the 6-week creative writing class I'll be teaching after school at my son's school starting in March. Along with my own ideas for writing exercises, I found some good ones in a few of the writing books I purchased during my journey through writing my first novel. Each class is one hour fifteen minutes so it isn't a lot of time, but hopefully it's just enough time to say what I have to say without them getting bored or me panicking because I sense their boredom. Since I'm not a teacher and I typically sit at home writing all day by myself, my public speaking skills aren't as strong as maybe they should be. I'm not sure how to improve upon that except for just doing it and learning from my mistakes. I pondered the idea of practicing in front of my family, but that seems like it might end in disaster. I'd get mad because they wouldn't listen to me. What's new? So, yeah, I'm going to have to wing it. I've coached first grade soccer before. That should count for something.

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