Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Too many social networking sites

I've created accounts for every social networking site I'm aware of and am most definitely doing a half-ass job at maintaining all of them. Seriously, who has the time to update them all? The only online site I attend to regularly is this blog and I'm not even sure this counts. Twitter is my latest. I've tweeted a few times and those were amazing tidbits of earth-shattering information. NOT! Pinterest is the most boggling. My mom and sister have pinned my books somewhere, but when I do a search, I don't see them. My searches don't even find my mom. What the hell? Facebook. Eh. Kind of getting tired of that one. LinkedIn. Don't know what to do with that. It's not like I have a regular job. What else is there? I'm on a role. Oh, I check out Goodreads to see if any one's added my books to their shelf. I also keep that updated with what I'm reading. Does anyone really care? Apparently, I need to find someone or a class to enroll in to help me use these networking sites to my advantage. Another item to add to my list of things I won't do...I swear I'm in a good mood today...just slightly frustrated!

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