Monday, October 1, 2012

Witty dialogue

Writing witty dialogue is so fun to do! In book #3 I introduce Kody's brother, Justin. He and Kody have a typical brother/sister relationship except theirs is a little more immature. Justin reminds me of Stifler, who is an obnoxious character from the American Pie movies. Justin has a good heart and intends well when it comes to his family and friends, but he is not beneath pulling disgusting pranks. I can't help but laugh at one scene I wrote recently. My oldest son also helps me develop Justin's character. Disgusting pranks are not beneath him either. This morning the Burkoff siblings were at it again. Justin called to inform Kody that something was up with their parents. I didn't get too far in the scene before the rest of my family starting waking up and making noise. I'm thinking about posting a scene from book #3 once and awhile. It can't hurt. Or maybe it can. Oh, the dilemmas!

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