Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Finding an agent

After listening to MN author, Julie Kramer, speak last week, the thought of finding a literary agent has again entered my mind. I tried briefly before self-publishing Missing Maggie, but it was a pretty weak attempt. I've learned a lot since then. I've learned how to go about finding agent names, which is to look at books comparable to mine and read the author's acknowledgment page. Most authors name and thank their agents. This will be a very time consuming task and one that I don't necessarily look forward to. It takes away from my writing time, which is a bummer. If I had an agent though, I'd have more time to write and spend less time fretting about how to promote my books.

Speaking of promoting, my Goodreads giveaway ended on 9/30 and five readers were chosen to receive paperback copies of Sincerely, sad dad. My box of books shipped yesterday so the copies should be in their hands early next week. I can only hope their reviews aren't too harsh. I'm very nervous about that.

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