Monday, October 29, 2012

Kody's Halloween story

Kody Burkoff, ghostwriter and main character of my books, is having her own Halloween fun in book #3. It's so fitting that I'm starting the week writing about this. Being that she's a single lady, you'd think I'd have her go to a costume party where she finds another Mr. Wrong, but that isn't how it goes. She actually does her best friend, Kendall, a favor by babysitting so that Kendall and her husband can have a well-deserved night out. Having had a few too many drinks, Kendall decides to repay her friend by bringing home a surprise. You will never guess WHO she brings home. I giggle every time I think about writing the scenario. It still isn't quite clear in my head how it will all play out. Is Kody excited, shocked, angry? Is he sober enough, willing? If you've read my other two books, you know I like to break up the drama with some lighter stuff. This will definitely be light with some zing to it. I'm not talking Shades of Gray, which I haven't read yet, but it will get a bit steamy. I briefly mentioned him in the last two books. Who do you think it is?

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