Tuesday, October 9, 2012

They're in the mail

The paperback copies of Sincerely, sad dad are in the mail, or will be very shortly, to the Goodreads Giveaway winners. I drove to the post office yesterday not remembering it was Columbus Day. That was a bummer. I'm pretty nervous about sending out copies to those five winners. I'm nervous that they won't like it and then they'll post their reviews online and then everyone will read them and then no one else will want to read my book and then I'll feel devastated and then I'll question my abilities AGAIN and then I'll get so annoyed with myself for having to go through these same emotions every time I pass out a copy. Whew! Sometimes it isn't easy being me. I can be so hard on myself. But then there's the positive me...what if all five readers simply adore the book and they all have a thousand close friends whom they pass the title on to and then those friends download the book, one of those friends being Oprah, yes Oprah, and she gushes over it and can't wait to get her hands on me so that she can tell the whole world that they should read my book and then I'm flown to the Caribbean because that's where she's vacationing and she feels that the interview will go better if the ocean breezes are wafting over my face and so we have a wonderful interview, I hug her goodbye, and await the phone calls and emails from other authors like James Patterson and Sandra Brown congratulating me. Whew! That would be awesome!

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