Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My photo shoot

Last night, our family went out to take mom's picture for her new book. Sounds like a good time, right? Actually, it was kind of weird. I put on the new shirt I bought for the occasion, along with a necklace from my daughter's collection of hand-me-down jewelry, and we hit the public bike trail near our house. It was me all dolled up surrounded by a bunch of sweaty runners and bikers. I can only imagine what they must have been thinking.

My husband, from only a few feet away, took several pictures while I moved this way and that just like I've seen on America's Top Model. It's way harder than it looks! In some photos, my eyes were half open. In others, my hair was already getting poofy. Plus, can we talk about the mosquitoes? Good grief! We all ran back to the van after the final location, with the final shots being of my two youngest kids. They had to have their time too.

We got back home and I uploaded the photos onto the computer. I was disturbed. Did I really look like that? Was my chin getting broader? My eyelids lower? UGH!!!! I stepped away for a moment and pouted. I eventually went back to the computer and saw that there were a few photos that might work if I cropped them and enhanced them a bit. Long story short, I now have an author photo that will last me until the next book release.

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  1. I think the pic is great! I'd love to take your next book cover pic for you!!