Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I'm so annoying

I'm completely annoyed with myself. I can't leave well enough alone. I'm "fixing" something that doesn't necessarily need to be fixed, or does it? That's my problem. I received the paperback version of Sincerely, sad dad and am not completely happy with how it looks printed. I know it's all my fault. The software I used to create the cover is completely over my head so I resized and scaled the hell out of the photo. Sorry, Paul. Yesterday, I submitted another cover, which is only slightly different, to see if I could fix the clarity of the image. Now, I'm second guessing my actions. I mean, it is a bit late to be making this type of change. I'll hopefully receive the paperback in a couple of days and prove myself wrong, and then be happy with the original cover. I love it online, which is most important since 90% of my sales are for ereaders. Besides this drama I'm creating for myself, everything is looking good. I'm ready to click the buttons to publish. It's time to get started on book #3!

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