Monday, August 13, 2012

Making lists

Since choosing a release date for Sincerely, sad dad, I've been making lots of lists. There are so many things to do at this point in the process! Fortunately, I kept a journal of how the last book release worked so I've been paging through that to keep me on track. I'm doing pretty good so far. The manuscript file is almost ready for the Nook and Kindle. I haven't even started getting it ready for the other ereaders. That takes a bit more time and a lot of patience. It brings me back to my tech writing days of troubleshooting html and other types of files. As for marketing, I'm once again unsure of what to do. I'll print some business cards, inundate people on Facebook, and...and...I'm not sure what else. Well, I do plan on passing out more books this time so that's different. More thought will have to go into this area. If anyone out there has some low-cost marketing ideas, I'm all ears!

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