Tuesday, February 5, 2013

When the writing just flows

I'm proud to say that I wrote 2000 words yesterday for book #3. What can I say? Words were pouring from my fingers. Now, this only happens once in a blue moon because I usually get stuck and end up rewriting one paragraph over and over again to get it just right, even though I'll rewrite it again when I'm finished with the whole thing. Speaking of finishing, my husband sort of challenged me to finish the book by mid-March. That might actually be feasible since this new outline I've worked up is still working. I see the end. I see where the characters are when the story is done. What a sense of relief. There's nothing like being stuck in the middle of a book not knowing where to go next. Like many other authors have said, the middle is the worst to write. When you get that great story idea, you can picture the beginning and ending, but the middle you tell yourself you'll figure out in time. Well, that figuring out time period can get pretty lengthy. Here's to another great day of writing!

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