Monday, February 25, 2013

Finished with my first "cozy mystery"

I recently finished reading my first book that is considered a "cozy mystery." It was good, but not great. The beginning was slower than I like and some of the fluffy material, as I like to call it, didn't interest me too much. The story got better, more characters were introduced, and the ending finished somewhat unpredictably, which was nice.

Not a great review, huh? I wanted to love it. I wanted to get done with it and say, "Yes, this is where I belong." I have three more "cozy" titles on my nightstand so I'm not giving up. My writing is similar in a lot of ways, but hopefully it's a tad bit more exciting. I also think I add more humor, which to me makes the book more fun to read. Or perhaps it only makes it more fun to write.

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