Thursday, December 13, 2012

Writing a synopsis

As if writing a query letter isn't bad enough, I need to write a 1-2 page synopsis detailing the beginning, middle, and end of Sincerely, sad dad. I'm referring to the Writer's Market and Writer's Digest for help. They have articles outlining the basic approach to writing the synopsis, along with tips on what not to do. I think writing the plot will be semi-easy, but I'm concerned with not being able to get my voice or writing style into it. Kody can't have a sassy conversation with her best friend, Kendall, in the synopsis. My sad dad can't relay how disturbed he feels over losing his beautiful, young daughter. Mrs. Lopez and Kody's other clients can't shine through for a little comic relief. I'll have to keep reminding myself, "Just the basics, Jen, but make it sparkle."

My plan is to outline the book's main events and then add the personality later. I won't get off my butt until it's done! That's a lie. It's Christmas time and I'm not ready! I'll sit until the urge to knock items off my to-do list becomes too much, which hopefully isn't before noon.

One last thing, I lowered the price of the paperback for Sincerely, sad dad to $8.99. It is available at that price at this site: In 3-5 business days, Amazon will show that price as well. Hopefully it's in time for you to save a few bucks if you're interested in giving a new book for Christmas.

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