Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Synopsis complete

I wrote a 744-word synopsis for an approximately 72,000-word novel. Not an easy task, but it wasn't as hard as I envisioned. I wrote it in about an hour and then I have been revisiting it over the last several days. Yesterday, I sent out a few emails only to be halted by one company's request for a 500-word synopsis. I would have to take out two entire paragraphs. It doesn't seem right.

I've all ready received four or five rejections. I'm not too fazed by them, although I have to admit that every time I check my email I'm hoping to find that one agent asking for more information. It could happen. Until I get this agent search out of my system, I've stopped writing my next book. I'm too distracted. Christmas doesn't help matters any either. I'll update you on the status of book #3 very soon.

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