Thursday, April 19, 2012

The latest stats

As of today I've sold about 730 copies of "Missing Maggie." It's safe to say that 90% of those sales are on the Kindle. I rarely sell a Nook copy. My husband, the numbers guy, figures I sell on average four copies a day, which is amazing considering that I was happy with only a few sales a week back in October. Since I completely rely on word-of-mouth marketing, I'm very happy with the outcome so far. Your comments are what sell my books. They are what keep my new career alive so I appreciate all of you that have taken the time to write a review or click on a rating.

Book #2 is still on schedule. I just finished inputting my first edits from the paper copy. The next step is to print it and do it all over again. This time I'm hoping the story flows better and the conversations aren't cut too short. I could tell I was anxious to move ahead in certain spots.

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