Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Creative writing class is complete

My first opportunity to teach middle school students creative writing is over. Yesterday was our last scheduled class and we celebrated with a pizza party. We did a little writing from different points of view too, but  it was beautiful outside and the promise of free food hung in the air like a piece of steak being dangled over my dog's nose. Yeah, they were a bit distracted.

While they munched on their pizza, I asked them what they enjoyed about class and what they were hoping I had covered. Character development was good. My rambling about plot too long was bad. The various writing prompts were good. My not covering word choice was bad, but in my defense, if we hadn't cancelled last week's class, word choice was on my agenda. The students also wanted to learn more about editing. Next time, I'll work harder to get a room with a smart board so we can do that. Apparently those rooms are a hot commodity and I need to throw a bigger fit to get into one of them.

Will I do it again? Yes. Will I make a few changes? Yes. Did I learn something along the way? Yes. What was my favorite part? Learning that the students love to write as much as I do.

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