Monday, April 8, 2013

Day 3 of creative writing class

I went to class today prepared to lead a very informative discussion on how to best prepare a story's plot. I made copies of material from a writing class I took a few weeks ago. I printed off examples of different outlines to help get the students organized. I had exercises that we didn't have time for...ugh! I want to kick myself for not taking their not-so-subtle hints. You know, the wandering eyes, the dead silence, my son humming a song. They were bored. They were wishing I would shut up so we could do a fun writing exercise like we had done in weeks past. I didn't listen to their cues. I instead stayed the course - my course.

Unfortunately, none of this hit me until about an hour ago. I was blaming spring break for their not being as attentive. I now realize that I must have a better mix of lecturing and exercises. We should talk, then we should do. More do! More do!

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