Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Talking it out

I was able to work out a few kinks in my writing the last few days. Book #3 is no longer on the naughty list. Whew! Things were not looking good for a while. I sent my mom the first two chapters to get her opinion on what I should do and she liked what I had written, but suggested a few changes. I agreed to the changes and finally feel good about the direction I'll be going.

I also filled her in on the rest of the plot. In relaying to her the storyline, I realized a few parts of the story were a bit over the top. Some areas needed to be toned down to be believable. Since my imagination often gets carried away and needs to be pulled in from time to time, it was helpful to talk out the plot and the characters. We came up with some better ways of doing things to help with the suspense and to continue one or two characters forward. I will still need her help with the ending. I'd like to prolong it this time. Not too much, just enough to slow the pace a tad. Improvement from one book to the next is my ultimate goal.

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