Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sometimes it's best to step away

The last few days I've been brainstorming different plots for my next book and have learned that I work best in short spurts. I'll type out an idea and then wander around the house, possibly clean something, although I've gotten to where I'm just not all that particular anymore. When I sit back down, I'll write down another spin on what I previously wrote. I'll step away. I waste a lot of time this way, but for some reason if I sit for too long thinking about things, I'll start thinking about things I don't need to think about. Not what I want to do. My mornings alone are numbered as it is. In less than two weeks, the little creatures I created will be milling around the house complaining that we have no food and that they're bored. I swear they wake up bored. I wish I remember feeling that way when I was their age. Now I'm just an "old woman" as they like to say. Grrr!

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