Tuesday, January 24, 2012

What happens next?

I've created a love triangle for my main character, Kody Burkoff, and can't decide who should win her heart. Is it the guy from high school who moved back home or the man from her not so distant past? From what I've read and from talking with other writers, I've learned that many writers create a very detailed outline of the entire novel they are about to write before sitting down to type out chapter one. There must be some writers like me though who type out a somewhat sketchy outline of the general premise before diving right in. In some aspects it would be nice to know what I'm going to write on any given day, however, I think what I enjoy most about writing is how unpredictable it can be. I like not knowing how Kody will react to certain events. I like brainstorming with my husband to create those often off-the-wall events. Life can be so predictable at times that it's nice to have this outlet to create whatever I want. Now, if I only knew what I wanted.

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