Monday, January 30, 2012

Phone a friend

This past Saturday I spent several hours in the library typing away on book #2. I spent half of my time in the children's section, which is weird because I was escaping my children, but at the same time that's where I felt the most comfortable. I had to make a move upstairs though when the woman behind me started teaching the bible to a student. No whispering for her. So annoying. Anyway, while I was hard at work, I found the need to text my husband for some help. Kody did something bad and thought she'd feel better if someone other than herself called her names. Who's better at name calling than my kids? My assumption was correct because my husband and two boys came up with more synonyms for idiot than I really needed. I was such a proud mother and wife. It's always nice to know that they're there for me when I need the hard questions answered!

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