Monday, March 25, 2013

What to do after you write a first draft

There is a ton to do after writing the first draft of a manuscript. First, you must quietly congratulate yourself. I say quietly because no one else around you will really understand the exact feeling of euphoria you feel for having completed such an exhausting task. Second, you must get back to work! Here's my to-do list:

  • Choose a title
  • Write a draft synopsis
  • Send emails to my pre-readers who will read my second draft and supply comments
  • Print first draft and re-rewrite on paper (This will take a while, but it is essential.)
  • When happy with the second draft, send it to pre-readers for their input
  • Take a break and write summary of book #4 (The longer you can distance yourself from your work, the better. You'll be able to see more mistakes this way.)
These are just the basic steps toward finishing a manuscript. You must also doubt yourself, get angry, be proud, and go through at least one new red pen during this endeavor. But, hey, the upside is that you have something to work with. You aren't just starting at word one.

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