Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Day 1 of creative writing class

It was amazing! I only ended up with three eighth-grade girls (my son accidentally took the bus home because he can't remember anything), but these girls were serious about writing. I mean serious. They shared with me that they already had notebooks filled with story ideas and that they usually wrote on a daily basis. I wasn't expecting that. When I was in eighth grade, being a writer was the farthest thing from my mind. I still wanted to be a marine biologist, which was a big stretch for a ND girl.

My goal for the first day was to get to know the students and then help them brainstorm some story ideas so that they'd be ready for next week's class. Well, we skipped the brainstorming part since that clearly wasn't necessary, and instead had a conversation about where our ideas came from, whether it was from looking out the window, listening to music, reading, or just sitting alone. I was really impressed with the care and thought the girls put into their work, and the passion they demonstrated. I look forward to seeing them again next week so that we can discuss setting and characters. The only problem I foresee is not having enough material to go over with them. I'll need to delve much deeper into the art of writing to make the class worthwhile for them. Oh, the other dilemma is to stop my son from automatically getting on the bus so that he can learn a few things from these girls.

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