Monday, March 11, 2013

Another first draft complete

Wow! And to think I doubted my abilities to write just one novel, let alone three. This third book certainly had its ups and downs though. I went through my typical mood swings while writing it. One month I was feeling the characters, while the next I didn't know where the plot was headed. I essentially took off the month of December because my thoughts were so convoluted with obtaining material possessions for the holiday season that an office job entered my mind AGAIN. I belittled myself, picked myself back up, scolded the sad, demeaning me, and cheered on the woman that wanted to continue fighting the battle. Today, a Monday, a snow day for the kids, I will rejoice in my accomplishment and play games with the kids until they beg me to go away. Tomorrow, I will begin the grueling process of rewriting and go through the roller coaster of emotions all over again. Sometime it is so hard being me!

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