Friday, June 8, 2012

Summer writing

School is out and summer has officially begun, which means a lot of great things. It means staying up late having fun with friends and family, making s'mores around the campfire, swimming at the lake, taking a trip or two, and relaxing in the sun wishing it will never end. However, summer also means having less time to write. I can't blame it all on my kids, although I try my best, but I find it incredibly difficult to sit down on the hard chairs at the kitchen table while the sights and sounds of summer are right outside my window. It's so much easier to write when snow blankets the ground and the temperature is below 40 degrees.

With my current writing and self-publishing goals, I'll have to make time somehow. I'll have to excuse myself to the library on rainy days when my husband is home, or strategically schedule simultaneous play dates for the kids and lock myself in the smelly basement without any windows. Actually, ripping that damn carpet out is at the top of my to-do list so eventually it will make for the perfect little hideout. Continuing to get up early is always a great option too. Eh, I'm not going to stress it too much. I'm having way too much fun with this book to slack off now.

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