Friday, March 9, 2012

MSP book club

I had another fabulous time with a book club last night. This time I was in Minneapolis near the Mall of America. The ladies were welcoming, easy to talk to, and felt comfortable voicing their opinions, all of which were very positive. I think I even came back to Rochester with an idea for book #3. Nancy might have to reveal some secrets. Hmmm...I wonder what those will be.

I must confess, I never tire of talking about "Missing Maggie" and the various characters that live in Kody's world. This surprises me a little because I'm not necessarily the most chatty of people. I tend to be a better listener. However, the passion I feel for writing brings me right out of my shell, almost to the point where I wonder if I talk too much.

Thanks for a wonderful evening, ladies, and thanks for inviting me to join along in your discussion.

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