Monday, July 23, 2012

Status update

Book #2:
I've chosen a title. The cover is in the works. I hope to have a preview of the cover, along with the book description, on my website by mid August.

I printed the manuscript one more time this weekend so that I can read it AGAIN for grammatical errors. I hope not to find any, but I doubt that will be the case. I have a feeling no matter how many times I read it, there will always be something I can improve.

Book #3:
The summary is pretty much complete. I'm currently working on the outline. I like to map out the chapters before I start writing. I tend to stray from the summary and outline, but a writer always needs something to start with. My approach with Missing Maggie was different, but it took me about three years to complete. I don't intend to spend that much time on this book or any other book in the future. My goal is to publish book #3 next March. That's a very ambitious goal and only time will tell if I'm able to stay on schedule.

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