Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Feeling scattered

Ever get the feeling that you're running around with your head cut off? There are plenty of things I need to do, but it seems none of them are getting accomplished. I've been sleeping in, which is bad business for a person like me, forgetting to make to-do lists on my never-ending supply of sticky notes, and wandering around aimlessly worrying about everything that needs to get done. As with the rest of the world, there's always something else that comes before that other something, and then there's the offspring with their demands. What's up with that? Back in my day kids found things to do on their own. Just kidding. I'm sure I followed my mom around the house asking for food and telling her how bored I was. With that in mind, today I'll walk a little faster so they can't catch me and make a list of things that won't get done.

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