Thursday, November 3, 2011

Creating advertisements

My mom called yesterday with news that she got a great deal on an ad for my hometown newspaper, The Fargo Forum. I was equally excited...until I sat down to create this 3" x 5" piece of mass media. I quickly discovered that I lacked that sort of creativity. My first draft was dull and boring. My husband, the artsy one, hated it. He said it needed more pizzazz and color. I still blame my years as a technical writer for my cut and dry approach, although I fully believe I was born without an artist's eye. Sadly, I passed this trait onto my oldest son. He's eleven and still draws stick figures. Poor kid!

I'll try to post the finished product when its published. The goal of this ad is to share my news with old classmates, friends and acquaintances. Spread the word, spread the love.

Random Thought: Do I always have to let my kids win? Shouldn't I be teaching them how to lose too, even if it sends them running and screaming to their room? Tough one!

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