Thursday, July 24, 2014

Random thoughts

Many baseball games later and I still haven't sat down to write a single word. I did open a file one day, but was immediately shot down when my screen went white and nothing I clicked solved the problem. Computer issues. Creativity killers! Fortunately, I am not discouraged yet. Like I said before, "I will write again."

Even though I haven't written any new text, I have updated various websites with all the new book details and such. Then, I have to check the stats on Amazon every few hours to see if I sold any books. That takes time and fills ten minutes of anxiety on either side of the click. UGH!

I ordered a box of books last week that I am hoping will arrive today. It is always fun to see a stack of books with my name on it, especially when it is printed across a beautiful cover. Whether or not the cover says mystery, the photos are appealing and if I were to see it on a bookshelf, I would take a second look. I just need a reader to take that extra moment to absorb the beauty and then flip it over to read a few lines of text. I really don't ask for much.

The success of the third book is kind of my deciding factor as to which book idea to start on next. I could continue to write Kody's next adventure, which leads her to Las Vegas with Nancy, her ex-Las Vegas showgirl friend, or I could start a new two-book idea that revolves around the concept of teaching (or not teaching) children about racism and its history. I'll go into that more another time. It is still a mystery novel, but it will definitely get you thinking.

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