Monday, June 10, 2013

Rewriting - wait and ponder

While the rest of my reviewers for book #3 are finishing up their comments, I wait and ponder. I do this because I need to compare their comments to the rest so that I get a clear picture of what I really want to do in the end. When I first receive feedback, I oftentimes want to immediately start making changes. That's bad. What one person doesn't like might possibly be another person's favorite part. Most of the time, however, the review comments are aligned. They are asking similar questions. They all want to know more about a specific character. So here's what I'm forcing myself to do: wait and ponder. I won't make any changes until all voices are heard. The ideas are floating around in my head or written down on paper, but they must stay there--at least for now. Patience is a virtue. I have no reason to hurry, no reason to rush this out to readers. This book just might be the best one yet!

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